Cultural Statement


Ancient Culture:

The Indigenous culture, which the KOSSS communites of Fort Severn, Keewaywin, North Spirit Lake, McDowell Lake, Deer Lake and Poplar Hill are part of, is an ancient culture going back thousands of years before contact.

Hunter/Gatherer Culture:

The anthropologists call the Indigenous culture, a hunter/gatherer culture.

Seasonal Cycle:

The seasonal cycle of the land in North America is the winter, followed by spring, summer and fall. The hunter/gatherer learned and were experts in living within this cycle of nature and survived for thousands of years on this continent. The seasonal cycle in the boreal forest of North America where these communities are located, sparked a migration to go and harvest food off the land or pursue animals for food.

Calendar Monthly Cycle:

In addition to the seasonal cycle, the hunter/gatherer communities adopted the more recent monthly calendar of time-keeping after contact. Some communities named the months after the seasonal cycle of the land, such as when animals migrated and returned to the area or when certain activities where done on the land such as harvesting in certain parts of the seasons. 

Culture Defined:

Anthropologists define "culture" as having 7 elements: A culture has its Language; a culture has its Customs and Traditions; a culture has its government; a culture has its social organization; a culture has its arts and literature; a culture has its belief system; and a culture has its foods and economic system. KO will endeavor to continue to research and document the KO Community's 7 elements of culture to teach our children our culture in the education system.

KOSSS Community's Languages:

The six KOSSS communities speak three distinct indigenous North American languages of Cree, Oji-Cree and Ojibway. These are ancient languages that have been spoken for thousands of years on this continent before contact. The languages are congruent with the life of the hunter/gatherer who speaks the language of having some activities on the land, as such, the languages contain many verb forms and nouns that convey land-based worldview.