Ice break at Deer Lake

Ice break occurred during the month of June at Deer Lake. Ice break is a big event for a hunter/gatherer culture. A big migration occurs when the people start to migrate home from winter trapping grounds back to the central community. The people are happy to see family and friends after being isolated for the winter months. It is a time that new foods are available from the lands and waters. At Deer Lake area, the walleye spawn occurs at this time. The walleye spawn provides an easy catch and plentiful food for the people. Just before the ice break, the hunter/gatherers are hard at work gathering breaking ice. The ice has to be blue. It is stored or buried in cold dark places. The ice is used to provide cold for food preservation. The ice will last through the summer. The hunter/gatherers also start to do planting at this time as soon as the frost leaves the ground. They will plant turnips, potatoes, and carrots, among other things. The planting once harvested will supplement the food available. Also at this time, a long expedition occurs when a group travels by canoe to Winnipeg via lakes and rivers, and through lake Winnipeg and onto the city of Winnipeg to obtain staple food supplies. The travelers sell many pelts to the fur market in the city. For sale are beaver, muskrat, lynx, fox, otter, fisher, weasel and squirrel pelts.




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