Lake freeze up time

September was the lake freeze up time. It was now full winter. This was a continued busy time as traplines were prepared for the long winter. Wood had to be cut at the traplines. This was the time of moose hunting as the moose were on the mating season.

Ice break at Deer Lake

Ice break occurred during the month of June at Deer Lake. Ice break is a big event for a hunter/gatherer culture. A big migration occurs when the people start to migrate home from winter trapping grounds back to the central community. The people are happy to see family and friends after being isolated for the winter months. It is a time that new foods are available from the lands and waters. At Deer Lake area, the walleye spawn occurs at this time. The walleye spawn provides an easy catch and plentiful food for the people.

Caribou arrive on the homeland

Cultural Activity Picture

Caribou Arrival

Caribou arrive on the homeland by the thousands in the 1800’s. Instead of migrating to the caribou, the animals came to the area as part of their migratory pattern over the homeland of Deer Lake hunter/gatherer culture. The Caribou opportunity remained for a brief period of time before they moved on. The caribou would come back in August, this time with calves and move through the homeland. Moose hunting also occurred this time of the year to take advantage of the snow conditions. There was a hard crust on top of the snow.